Dierking Group
Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester
United Kingdom
Welcome to the Soft Matter: Liquid Crystals Group
Our group primarily performs experimental research in different areas of liquid crystals, polymer stabilized liquid crystals, nanoparticle dispersions in anisotropic fluids and liquid crystal phases formed by colloidal materials, especially graphene oxide. 
Investigations range from fundamental physical questions, such as chirality, scaling laws in defect annihilation and formation, domain coarsening, or fractal structures, to studies which are of relevance to the applications of liquid crystals in displays and non-display devices such as sensors or the development of multifunctional advanced materials.  
We use a range of in house experimental techniques such as optical polarized microscopy, various electro-optic and electric techniques, optical and dielectric spectroscopy, time resolved image analysis and specialized cell production.
For other methods like calorimetry, x-ray diffraction, THz spectroscopy, and for theoretical support, we collaborate with different groups within the university, and other universities inside and outside the United Kingdom.
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